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Empire Tickets Questions & Answers
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Who is Empire Tickets?
  Empire Tickets is an Atlanta-based ticket brokerage firm. We provide premium seats to high-profile
sporting events, concerts, and theatre productions nationwide. Our mission is “Make Life an Event” for
our customers, providing them with the best event experience possible by offering easy, reliable access to the most sought-after events in the world.
What does Empire Tickets do?
  As a ticket broker, we make it possible for people to see the events they really want to attend, without the hassles. We provide more than just tickets – Empire supplies an event experience that is unparalleled in our industry. We offer premium tickets to major entertainment events across the United States, and retail these tickets to individuals, corporations and groups – anyone who wants great seats.

We offer single and group tickets, ticket packages with travel arrangements, tickets to exclusive parties, and custom ticket services. Our tickets are available for purchase at our retail location in the Buckhead district of Atlanta, online at www.EmpireTickets.com or via phone at 1-800-725-0112 or 404-TICKETS.
How do you get such great seats to sold-out events?
  Empire Tickets has more than a decade of contacts and experience in finding seats to the most sought-after events in the country. We have solidified partnerships and developed extensive networks for sourcing tickets to events nationally and internationally. Through these sources, we can offer our customers the best selection of tickets to virtually any event they might want to attend – from rock concerts and the Super Bowl to the Olympics, NASCAR and the theatre.
What does it mean to be a licensed ticket broker?
  Simply put, licensed ticket brokers are a safer way to purchase tickets. To be licensed, brokers must apply to state government, agreeing to certain conditions and regulations. States instituted licensing laws because they recognized the demand for the service provided by ticket brokers. States also saw the need for consumer protection from fraud. Licensing has helped to regulate the industry and protect consumers, but the broader result is that brokered ticket sales is now recognized as an authentic business.
What assurance does licensing give customers?
  Purchasing tickets from a licensed broker offers several safeguards for the consumer. Empire Tickets has been licensed since it was instated, so I will use our company as an example.
  • First, we accept credit cards. This practice provides a reliable record of the transaction and extra
    protection for the purchaser.
  • Second, exact locations for all of our tickets can be found on detailed venue maps available on our Web site, so customers know exactly what they are buying.
  • Third, Empire Tickets, like all licensed brokers, is required by law to guarantee their tickets. This means licensed brokers have a real incentive to eschew fraudulent sales.
How vulnerable are consumers to scams like counterfeit tickets?
  Counterfeit tickets to large events is a very real problem. Even with the advent of holographic images and better ticket-manufacturing technology, we still see counterfeit tickets being bought and sold. It takes an expert to be able to identify counterfeit tickets, so the vulnerability is very real.
What are the advantages of buying tickets from Empire Tickets vs. another ticket broker?
  Our tag line really sums up our service philosophy– Make Life an Event. Because these events can
create life-long memories – taking your children to “The Lion King” or surprising a friend with tickets to a championship game – we take into consideration the unique characteristics of each venue, including sight lines, sound quality and location of seats within a row, to produce the best overall experience.

We have been in this business for a long time, and have built up an extensive list of contacts, so we can consistently secure the “best seat in the house,” which may or may not be in the front row, depending on the venue.
What opportunities do you see for Empire Tickets in the future?
  Empire Tickets has come a long way from where it started in 1995. In a relatively short time, we have
grown from a one-man operation into a respectable, mid-sized company with 17 full-time employees.
Looking ahead, I think we are in a great position to spark more explosive growth, building a nationwide company known for customer service and integrity.
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Empire Tickets Questions & Answers - Empire Tickets
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